About our company

Signs to stand out – We’ll help your business in the journey

Are you looking for ways to make your brand stand tall and be visible ? Do you want to enable your brand to have a unique visibility and catch the eye of the stakeholders ? Then we are the right team you’re looking at.

At Intersign, we empower your organisation through exceptional service and unparalleled focus on your business goals. Your brand is our passion, and our experienced team will collaborate with you at each stage of the journey to ensure you stand out in any platform.

Made and operated in Australia, our craftsmanship is second-to-none. Highly qualified and experienced artists and technicians design and produce customised signage solutions to meet your needs. Our established network of supply partners across Asia Pacific enables your brand to extend across borders without sacrificing your vision.

Principles of Our Work

homepage-about-1At the heart of our business are key values that guide us:
own it and act with integrity.


homepage-about-2We have showed our professional experience by producing quality sign products, all around Australia.


Passion and Quality is in our DNA. You will cherish the impactful results and the journey together.

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Understanding your business needs are the key to whole journey. Our team of experts will be all ears to hear from you and get things moving.


Design & Production

Wealth of experience combined with modern state of the art technology will enable your signage to be designed and produced in the perfect manner. Our happy clients are the true testimony to showcase are capabilities.

Project management

Project Management

We believe in taking our clients in the complete journey. Our dedicated professionals will manage the end to end process for a unique hassle free experience.



Getting things completed without a frill is our forte. Our team will work with you to manage the installation process smoothly.

We know how to build great projects.

Builders oversee, coordinate and work on the construction or repair of homes and other buildings. Builders usually work outdoors in industrial conditions as part of a construction team.


We are capable of producing a wide range of signs

Partners and Clients

Strategic partners we work with everyday

Australia wide experience

We are ready to deliver quality signage products, all around Australia

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